Countdown to PQRS Penalties


What is the difference between submitting individual measures and a measure group?

Individual Measures

  • There are over 203 individual measures to choose from when submitting through a Registry.
  • There are 51 individual measures when submitting from your EHR either through a Data-Submission Vendor (DSV) or EHR Direct.
  • When you are reporting individual measures, you have to report three measures on 80% of your Medicare Part B Fee-for-Service (FFS) patients to earn the incentive.
  • To avoid the penalty, you have to submit just one measure.

Measure Groups

*Measure groups apply to Registry submissions only*

  • There are 22 measure groups. (Measure Groups cannot be used for GPROs)
  • Within each measure group, there are between 4 and 10 measures that apply to each group.
  • You need 20 patients to be eligible for the measure group and 11 of those patients must be Medicare FFS Part B.
  • All of the patients have to be eligible for the measures in the group with the exception of a few measure groups: For example, the Preventive Measures Group, if the patient is male, Measure #112, Screening Mammography does not apply to that patient.

How do I decide which to report?

You select measures or a measure group you are eligbile to report.based on

  • Measures most relevant to your specialty.
  • Measures that are easiest to report (fewest chart abstractions* or ease of EHR data extraction**)
  • Measures that will give you the best performance--based on your actual data.

*Depending on the number of eligible patients, it can be easier to abstract data for four measures from 20 patient charts than 80% of eligilble patients. OR conversely, if for example, only 10 patients are eligible for a measure, it can be fewer abstractions to collect data on 3 individual measures for 8 patients.

**Certain measures are more complex than others and will require a different level of data query

When you register with PQRS Solutions, you get access to the Measure Advisor and the Measure Analyzer that will recommend which measures to report.

Read more about benefits of registration and using the Measure Advisor and Measure Analyzer.






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